Hanauma Bay is one of the best places to visit on earth. Formed from volcanic rock, this nature’s wonder, it is a pristine marine ecosystem in existence. Millions of Visitors on Hawaii tours visit this curved bay for snorkeling. The Hanauma Bay has been voted as the best bay to snorkel and explore the abundant sea life. Conservation of marine life is very important to the people of Hawaii and is very sacred. Visit the conversation center and learn about marine life and the methods to preserve them. It is a national park and a designated UNESCO World Heritage Site. A Hanauma bay snorkeling tour allows you to visit these pristine surroundings but with care. No littering and no plastic absolutely.

What is in Hanauma Bay?

Every year, nearly a million people visit the curved bay to swim with the fish and experience the marine life. Located at the southeast of Oahu, and 10 miles from Waikiki it is a place of wonders. So Hanauma bay snorkeling can be a rejuvenating experience for its visitors. Formed from volcanic erosion and a crater, the bay is the most unique water park.

For snorkeling enthusiasts or swimmers, this is an excellent destination to view more than 400 species of fish including turtles. It has been home to several famous people as well, like Hollywood stars and the president of the United States. The sunsets are worth watching and basking by its glory is a different experience altogether.

The nature preserve

Hanauma Bay nature preserve has a lot to offer to the Hawaii tours visitors. The preserve is open throughout the year except on Tuesdays, Christmas Eve and New Year’s Day. If you are planning to visit the bay around this time, then you will have to wait until mid-afternoon until the crowd dissipates.

During summers, the state park opens at 6 AM and closes by 7 PM. In winters, it closes by 6 PM. Visiting Hanauma Bay is an experience of a lifetime because it has plenty to offer to its visitors. Snorkeling is the main activity here and Hanauma bay snorkeling experts can offer that unique experience for you.

Other activities

It is not just snorkeling that you can indulge in and there are various others that Hawaii tours offer. You can also indulge in scuba diving and experience the deepest underwater. You can view the dolphins and swim with these friendly creatures. Dolphins are amazing creatures and are most friendly to humans. Only in Hanauma Bay can you meet and greet them.

You will find that Hawaii tours that cover a trip to Hanauma Bay are easily available online and you can book your tours conveniently. Just make sure that you book your Hanauma Bay snorkeling trip in advance so that you do not have to wait for your turn. The tourist in-flow is so heavy in Hanauma Bay that people often end up waiting for their turn for snorkeling or scuba diving. It can be disappointing if you have the stand in a queue.


It is time to plan your vacation and ensure you opt for Hawaii tours. It is a beautiful destination for families, couples and solo travelers. The people are warm in their welcoming of everyone and they will accept you wholeheartedly. There is no doubt that Hawaii is a magical place, surrounded by numerous beaches and sea life. Life is surrounded by beauty here and it is no less a paradise. So plan a honeymoon, vacation or backpacking trip to Hawaii so that you can discover the magic of this archipelago and finally understand why it attracts visitors from the world over.