Scuba Diving in Hawaii


Spend your day at Pearl Harbors museums and memorials. Visit the USS Arizona Memorial, Battleship Missouri and USS Bowfin Submarine during your discovery of World War II history!

This tour is also available from MauiKauai and Big Island:

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Enjoy Scuba Diving in the Crystal Clear Water of Hawaii

Hawaii is the 50th state of the United States composed of a cluster of more than 100 scenic islands spread across 1500 miles in the north of the Pacific Ocean. The natural beauty of this archipelago comprising picturesque white sand beaches, lush jungles, and snow-capped mountains are its greatest asset of this archipelago.

Every year there is a massive influx of tourists to the different cities of Hawaii including Honolulu, Oahu, Maui, and Kauai. Nature and sea lovers also love scuba diving holidays in Hawaii as the beaches are famed for its pristine water and fantastic marine life. We, at Snorkel Tours Hawaii, would like to provide all type of assistance for the best scuba diving experience in Hawaii.

What is Scuba Diving?

Scuba diving is a unique form of underwater diving experience where divers carry a breathing apparatus or scuba along with them for enjoying greater freedom of movement and extended duration under the water to explore the marine environment. The breathing apparatus contains compressed air so that divers remain independent of surface supply.

There are two types of scuba diving in Hawaii – open circuit scuba system and closed or semi-closed circuit scuba system. In the former model, the breathing gas gets discharged to the environment after it gets exhaled. On the other hand, in a closed circuit system, there is a recycling of exhaled gas so that divers can remain under water with a small gas cylinder.

Best Places to Go For Scuba Diving In Hawaii

Hawaii is often said to be scuba divers paradise, thanks to the 400 species of Hawaiian fish and the green sea turtles, Chelonia mydas, found in abundance in this area. Oahu, Maui, Kauai, and Molokai are famous for scuba diving holidays in Hawaii. 

The Back Wall of Molokini Crater near Maui is the most adventurous diving location as here you can also hear calls of humpback whales running a chill down your spine. If you prefer a comfortable scuba diving experience, then you can opt for the ‘Forbidden Island’ of Niihau enjoying the appealing view of coral reefs and sighting monk seal and spinner dolphin in clear water.

Being 2500 miles apart from the nearest continental landmass, sea in Hawaii is notable for its exotic and endemic marine species, and scuba divers have an excellent time coming face to face with them. December to May is the best time for scuba diving in Hawaii as you can observe numerous marine species and the temperature and visibility are also within comfortable range.

Advantages of Booking Scuba Diving Trip With Snorkel Tours Hawaii

Snorkel Tours Hawaii is your best partner for scuba diving experience because:

  • We have been offering scuba diving in Hawaii for 17 years and provide every type of assistance during the trip to make it fun and memorable.
  • Our team of highly skilled and experienced divers is always at your service who live and breathe the Spirit of Ohana and Aloha.
  • We also offer night scuba diving in Hawaiifor a memorable experience in your life.
  • Our guides can provide underwater camera and corrective lens for a unique underwater experience.

Get in touch with Snorkel Tours Hawaii to have an unforgettable scuba diving experience in Hawaii.