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Spend your day at Pearl Harbors museums and memorials. Visit the USS Arizona Memorial, Battleship Missouri and USS Bowfin Submarine during your discovery of World War II history!

This tour is also available from MauiKauai and Big Island:

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Snorkel Tours for Families on Oahu – The Top Snorkeling Destinations in Oahu, Hawaii with Snorkel Tours Hawaii

If you have been planning a mesmerizing yet adventurous holiday, a trip down to the Hawaiian Island can well be just the perfect idea. The Big Island has been considered as a top tourist destination for several reasons – whether it is the great weather or a laid-back lifestyle, travelers find visiting Hawaii a truly rejuvenating experience. Amidst all the attractions that this island state boasts, snorkeling tours are increasingly gaining popularity, with the Oahu snorkel tour packages offered by from Snorkel Tours Hawaii being quite in demand in the past few years.

Also known as ‘The Gathering Place’, Oahu has off late been considered as one of the best tourist destinations in Hawaii. With its breathtakingly beautiful natural scenic views and an all-year-round moderate climate, Oahu is quite ideal for family getaways as well as for couples looking for romantic vacations. The snorkel tour for families on Oahu is particularly popular as the region offer many guided snorkeling tours that are adventurous yet safe for families to experience. Here are the best places that you should definitely explore with your best snorkel tour on Oahu for your family.

Hanauma Bay

For the best snorkel boat tour Oahu, one of the first places you will read or hear about will be Hanauma Bay. Snorkel Tours Hawaii offers you a variety of adventure packages here. Hanauma Bay area is set inside a nature preserve and is hence, very well maintained. There is a nominal fee for teenagers and adults to access this area. With its diverse marine life, this snorkeling spot can be well worth your visit and all your money spent to get here however, be prepared for some crowd of tourists.

Queens Beach and Sans Souci Beach

Easily accessible from Waikiki, these two beaches have a marine conservation area right off the coast that can be very informative for little kids in your family. The area around has quite a few other tourist attractions such as the Honolulu Zoo, Waikiki Aquarium, etc. and hence, guided tours to these beaches are very popular as tourists can enjoy their snorkeling experience as well as easily fit in some sight-seeing into their Oahu itinerary.

Kuilima Cove

If you are a beginner at snorkeling, Kuilima Cove can be your ideal snorkeling spot. The area is also very close to many popular tourist attractions. The waters at the Kuilima Cove are calm with very few waves due to the presence of an enclosing rock barrier. This gives snorkelers great visibility and as the depth of the water will rarely go over your head, the waters are safe for new swimmers and children.  

Apart from the above, the Sharks Cove, Three Tables, and Kahe Point Beach Park are other popular snorkeling spots in Oahu. Depending on the expertise of the snorkelers, they can choose appropriate snorkeling tours around the region to get the best out of their adventure vacation in Oahu. Get in touch with Snorkel Tours Hawaii today to choose the most perfect snorkeling tour for you!