To snorkel with the dolphins, go whale watching and view the coral reefs is a life enthralling experience. The Hawaiian marine life can be best experienced on a catamaran boat which can easily accommodate up to six passengers.

Hanauma Bay is a beautiful coast in Oahu and has the best marine life and coral reefs in the world. The snorkel tours in Hanauma bay take you through the Hawaiian coast and allow you to have wild encounters with dolphins, manta rays, green turtles and the whales. There is so much more to explore, like the tropical coral reefs, sea caves and the lava tubes to name a few.

As you are aware, Hawaii is a result of a volcanic explosion and there are several mountains and volcanic rocks to explore. You can find many private charters who will happily take you there. It is one of the best ocean adventures that you can have. So check out the different Hawaii tours and book one that suits your requirements.

Snorkeling opens your heart to the fantastic beauty which lies beneath the water and it is a joy to float on these warm tropical waters. Snorkeling is a truly blissful experience in the beautiful sunny beaches when the weather is perfect. So make the best of your holiday by signing up for snorkel tours in Hanauma Bay. Explore the variety of sea life and the vast ocean by just diving in.

Best places to snorkel

The best place to snorkel in the Hanauma Bay and it is imperative that you find the best operator, who offers an array of snorkel tours in Hanauma Bay. The bay is world famous for its unique and mesmerizing snorkeling opportunities. It is the best place in Oahu where you can explore the wealth of ocean life. With a little bit of preparation, you can explore this abundance without any effort. Even if you don’t know swimming, do not worry about it as the snorkeling instructors will take care of everything for you.

Prepare for snorkel tours in Hanauma Bay

Just like any other vacation, it is very tempting to pack for a snorkeling trip. There is a lot of equipment available these days for a snorkeler. Don’t get confused as to what to carry and what not to take. The tour operator will guide you on that.

Invariably, a snorkeling trip would include some most essential items. Do not carry excessive snorkeling gear as it will slow you down on the trip, especially when you are flying to Hawaii. Take the essentials snorkeling accessories like a good sunscreen and the snorkeling equipment. A snorkeling trip would be no fun if you do not take your own gear with you. There are places where you can rent the equipment, but taking your own stuff may make you feel more comfortable.

If you want to indulge in underwater photography then carry a good mask along with the camera case. There are also masks with built-in cameras available, so you can choose to get one of those. To prepare for snorkel tours in Hanauma Bay, this is all you need and you can start your amazing journey from here.

What is the cost of snorkel tours in Hanauma Bay

It completely depends on which Hawaii tours you choose and the activities you want including as a part of your tour. You can book complete tours in Hanauma Bay and these include snorkeling tours as well. Once you finalize your tour, the cost will be clear and you can then decide the add-ons that you would like to include in your tour.


A Hawaii tour to Hanauma Bay is worthwhile and is worth every penny you spend. There is a wealth of wildlife and nature to explore in Hawaii. You can venture out further into the sea for a swim and watch the green turtles. It is a great place to be if you are in the mood to enjoy an exciting and relaxing vacation.