Thinking about going on Hawaii snorkeling tour? Vacations, which pack your bag with loads of pleasing memories, can happen by accident but not every time. A little pre-planning is necessary to make sure that the whole tour experience would go amazing, especially if you are going to visit Hawaii and planning to include snorkeling to widen your experience horizon.

Hanauma Bay snorkeling tour is really fun and also a very accessible activity for people, right from children to adults. However, if you are new to snorkeling, there are a few things that you should know before heading to this tour.

First of all, you must be able to swim a little or at least tread the water. Gearing up and walking into the water is not all; there is more when it comes to snorkeling. Though you will go into the bay for just play and stay in the shallow for some time, you need to be able to have some swimming experience for safety reasons.

Thus, in circumstances such as unexpected wave push, you won’t panic and the whole experience won’t turn into a dreadful one. Since standing on the coral reef is not allowed for anyone, it is all the more reason to learn a little swimming.

If you tried and gave up on the swimming idea, the best advice one can provide you is to invest in a snorkel buoyancy vest. But, remember that these vests are not the same as life jackets. While life jackets are meant to keep your head above the water, snorkel vest allows you to inflate and deflate the suit as per the individual’s needs and swimming skills.

For beginners, it would be in the best interest to never snorkel on their own. They must buddy up with someone, just like scuba diving or swimming. The person you should be partnered with must be at least a reasonable swimmer and has some snorkeling experience.

Next thing, you must remember is to keep yourself covered and hydrated. No doubt, going on Hawaii snorkeling tour is great escapade and extension to your adventure, but it would be best to keep such things in mind as they prevent your experience turning into a nightmare. Since sunburn and dehydration can quickly take all the fun away, protecting yourself with sunscreen and clothes can save you from such unpleasant situations. Be careful of the back of your neck, ears, knees and ankles.

No matter if it is your first time for Hanauma Bay snorkeling tour or you have been there before, it is always good to sit on the shore for a few minutes and watch what’s going on. Look for other swimmers and snorkelers and be extra careful if no one else is in the water.

Even professional snorkelers do not overestimate their snorkeling ability and endurance. So, no matter, how much good or bad you are at snorkeling, stick your head above water and check your location every few minutes to make sure that you haven’t drifted too far from the safety.

The last tip is related to underwater etiquettes. Keep your hands away from the fishes, tortoise, and other sea creatures as they might feel threatened. You need to be especially careful when it comes to coral reef. Don’t ever try to touch them as they take decades to grow and some of them are so delicate and may break easily.

As long as you are careful to sea life, know how to snorkel and follow tips to protect your body from sunburn and dehydration, the experience will really be amazing.